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Our goal on the Cog here is generally to post about cool stuff we see, find and do. Sometimes, however, i feel the need to step on a soapbox though, so please bear with me.

Have you guys heard about the one where the rich financial manager got away with a hit-and-run on a cyclist?
No, that’s not the beginning of a bad joke. That actually happened.

Here’s a link to an article about the incident in question:

Basically, a guy hit a cyclist, injuring said cyclist to the point that his ability to do his work (liver transplant surgery) has been thrown into question. Then, the guy that hit the cyclist doesn’t get a felony, and instead just gets a misdemeanor punishment because the proper charge would hurt his reputation.

Sound backwards? Well, it is. The District Attorney for the case Mark Hurlbert even admitted that his decision was based at least partly on money. How Martin Erzinger is able to get away with hitting a cyclist and leaving him on the side of the road is a simple matter that he has a lot of money and a prominent position, and for whatever reason (you can draw your own conclusions) the DA does not want to charge him with the crime he deserves.

The Eagle County DA can be reached at 970-328-6947, and there’s a petition at

I apologize for stepping on the soapbox, but for cyclists to get treated fairly on the road, things like this can not be allowed to happen.