By Ambassador Johannas Seehuber.

On 15 June, the border controls and closures caused by Corona were lifted from the governments around Germany and Austria. So everything was fine to start travelling (by car) to the nearest Bikeparks of our neighbouring countries.

But first, I started with a little honeymoon beach holiday with my wife. We put our stuff in the car and headed out towards Croatia. From our home, the lake Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria Germany this is a 4-6h drive through Austria and Slovenia.

Of course i brought my bike with me and sneaked in a day riding inbetween the days off at the beach.

 I visited a little village at the sea called “Rabac,” where they offer a free of charge Trailcenter called “Bikepark Rabac.”

The trails have a good fireroad acess starting right at the beach with panoramic views around the region and the sea. After a good half an hour uphill pedalling you have the choice of different natural-style trails with flowy turns and some small rockgardens. It ends right at the beach in a little skillpark with jumps and berms.

Back at home everyone was motivated to go on some daytrips to the bike parks. I had a few days of holiday left so I joined the crew for some big days.

We had a big Crew at our local bike park Samerberg just 20mins driving away from my home.

Hiking sessions at the Jumpline, big partytrains and a refreshing beer at the lake afterwards, these are the best days!

 Bikepark Saalbach in Austria

Big mountains and gondola rides  with an endless amout of different trails are just around 1,5h driving away from my home.

And two days in bikepark Schladming with its world famous Worldcup DH Track and a brand new Jumpline called 99 Jumps. Epic views and rough tracks all day!

Collecting Airmiles on the Process 134… the more you are up in the air the less your arms got sore!

Ending these day trips with a Bbq and a good bike service is always a must!

After all the bikepark shredding I am pretty impressed what my trail bike with 134mm travel can handle! It’s obviously not made and specced for DH tracks and big gnarly freeride stuff which cost me a new chain and new disc rotors.

But for my need to do only a handful of bikepark days a year this is totally great and I am pretty stoked.

Due to the faster rolling 29ers and the good working rear I could keep up even better with my friends on DH Bikes then the last years!

There is also a little instagram Vlog about these days available.