Video by Ambassador Kailey Kornhauser

I was in bed after another day of working from home, scrolling through Tik Tok videos, when I came across the “Pass the Brush Challenge.” I watched as make-up artists from around the world “passed” a brush from one screen to the next. In a world hungry for in-person moments, I found joy in the fact that these friends had found a way to do something fun together in our new virtual reality.

It had been two months since our local gravel roads and mountain bike trails had closed. Two months since I had ridden my bike up a hill chatting with a friend as we climbed. I was feeling bad about not riding my bike, guilty about even thinking about biking during a global pandemic, and sad about the loss of time with friends in the forest. The video got me thinking. While we can’t go on group rides or bikepacking trips right now, maybe there are other ways we can connect with friends in far away places.



I sent an email to some fellow Kona Ambassadors the next day and we got to work on the “Pass the Bottle Challenge.” It was an absolute blast to put this together, a chance to connect with friends new and old, no matter where we are in the world right now!
Now it’s your turn. Get some friends together from near and far and pass the bottle!