Every year when the Teva Mountain Games comes around I get super excited! Not because Vail is such a rad town, but I get excited to be apart of the event again. What makes this event different from the rest of the other MTB events is that there are so many different events happening from, Kayaking,rock climbing,slak lining and of course mountain biking.

This year Teva Mountain Games went really well for me! It started off with Slopestyle. The course wasn’t too big this year so I decide to ride my Kona Shonky. My first run didn’t go so well, I ended up messing up on a flipwhip which caused me not to get enough speed to hit the next jump, so after run one I was in last place. With a best run out of two runs format it put huge pressure on me to make sure my 2nd run was dialed. Dropping in for my 2nd run I wanted to do things different. My goal was to put a clean run top to bottom and frontflip the last jump that no one was doing! Everything worked out exactly how I wanted and I ended up in 2nd place for slopestyle.

My weekend didn’t end there. The next day I had to wake up early and get ready for Dual Freeride. I had some great luck in Dual Freeride in the past, so I was excited to start smoking fools! This year Jeff Lenosky made the course more technical then ever so you could only imagine how many gnarly crashes were happening. Qualifying went well for me. I ended up posting the fastest time. Finals were scheduled to happen at 4pm but it started to rain. We had a riders meeting and everybody agreed to go off of qualifying results. So I went back to the hotel and started to celebrate, but before I had even had the chance to chill out I got a phone call from Vail saying that the finals are going to happen at 6pm bc the forcast said it was suppose to stop raining. So before I knew it I was back at the gate start and racing. I ended up still winning but I deifently had to earn it.