paulTeva Games Vail Colorado. June 7th 2009

Speed trials were a big shock for me! I had never ridden this style in my life so I wasn’t expecting to do well. The last time I did any type of racing was when I was 12, and that was on a BMX bike, so my confidence wasn’t really there. First round I ended up going against last year’s winner Adam Hauck. I was pretty pumped on going against Hauck just because I would rather go against the fastest guy in the first round just to get it over with.

It was a really close race! I ended up beating Hauck by 15-hundreds of a second. After beating Hauck I knew I had a good chance of actually winning the whole thing! In the finals it was Cameron Zink and myself. Both of us were pretty stoked that we made the finals, not to mention we live in the same area and we drove up together. I ended up beating Zink by inches, we had the same speed threw out the course; the only thing that was working for me was my gate starts. I’m glad I raced BMX for 8 years because if it weren’t for that my gate starts would have sucked!!

Next day was slope style. I wasn’t really feeling if because I was super sore from speed trials. I think I only did three runs before the contest actually started. I was that sore, not because I’m that much of a bad ass and I don’t need to practice. Trust me I needed all the practice in the world especially how well Greg Watts and Cameron Mccaul were riding. In qualifying I ended up in 3rd place, I was pretty stoked on that I knew I could do better though. I thought of this run in my head that I wanted to do in the finals, but I wasn’t to sure if it was going to work out. So right when I dropped in I was thinking should I do a safety run first or roll the dice and just go for it. Well I ended up rolling the dice and it worked out for me! I ended up putting a really good first solid run that I knew that was going to be hard to beat! After being head to head all day they finally announced the podium. We were all eager to see who won. Everyone had put together a really killer run. Then the announcer got on the microphone; 3rd place Greg Watts, 2nd Place Cameron Mccaul, and your winner of the 2009 Teva Mountain Games is Paul Basaquaty (they meant Basagoitia). I was super stoked how the weekend went for me!! All the hard work had paid off.