“We Love Mountains“ Yeah, we do! We love riding bikes in the mountains – the steep, gnarly, rocky, rooty stuff in alpine ranges – it’s ideal terrain for our Process 153 race bikes.

The second stop of the Enduro One Series had all of those those. Held in Wildschönau in the Wilden Kaiser region, Austria, we were surrounded by beautiful mountains with some of the finest trails around. As always at the Enduro One series we had the chance to train on two of the six stages while the rest could be viewed only by foot inspection.

Stage one started, after a lift supported ascent, with a steep and slippery entry followed by tight turns and a high-speed section which ended in a root garden – great fun right from the start.

Stage two was the complete opposite. A physically demanding track followed a ridge with few little uphills for 3km! Luckily this was the only one like this!Matthes3

Stages three and four contained some technical parts with wet rocks and roots where you proved your confidence and the function of your clipless pedals. A special part was a combination of tight turns crossing a small tunnel at the end.

For the next stage we had a 550m climb to get to the start. Half the way up the Orga Team had organized a food station with fresh fruits and apple juice. Well done! This stage started behind an old farm house with narrow single track which got steeper and rougher the further it went. Wooden bridges and deep mud holes made it even more difficult to hold the pace.

Stage six was located at the same meadow as the prolog the day before with tight corners and a small wooden drop – the last chance to gather some precious seconds.

Unfortunately Matthias had a big crash on stage five which cost him a top 15 ranking in the pro class.

Wildschönau was a great event with awesome trails and a perfect organization. Thanks to Baboons.
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