TrailTrophy Round Three took place in the amazing surrounding in the Swiss Alps of Laax.
Between luxury five star resorts and Tesla Supercharger stations on every parking deck, the overwhelming scenery of high alpine peaks, deep valleys, and lakes of crystal clear water is the real nugget of this region. The Trail Trophy held 13 stages in three days to explore the landscape.

The first three stages were located in the mid alpine region around Laax with stunning views over green water glacier-fed lakes. After almost one year absence on a mountain bike due to injuries, I took those to warm up on the new bike and tried to find my pace which worked out more or less. Matthias was on pace but had a flat right at the start of the first stage. Disappointing, although all other stages went quite well.


After a short break and a snack at the local Thai restaurant, we prepared our bikes for the night ride which was a fast trail next to the resort with the finish directly in the event area.

But the misfortune holds on. Matthias punctured on the front wheel and I lost the battery of one of my bar-lights and punctured my back wheel in the first third of the track.

After a short night the race moved to the next resort of Flims nearby. Six stages and a full day of racing promised real fun and an exhausting workout with all kind of trails from Bikepark berms to high alpine gnarly rocks and snowfields. Great stuff overall!

The Saturday evening was all about coming together and enjoy a local meal in a big tent located at the little lake near the old part of Laax. This underlines the family spirit of all Trail Trophy’s which was the original idea of the event, having a good time on your bike with your family and friends. Well done!

Sunday night brought some heavy rainfalls which made it uncertain if the first high alpine stage was rideable. But it dried out fast enough to give it a go and the first riders started at half past nine for the last 1300hm divided into three stages. Always slippery but with high speed, everyone had fun on the last day and was curious about the final stage results as they passed the finish line in the event area of Laax.

Matthias kept things consistent with good stage results on day three. Racing absolutely blind with no training or even knowing the trails of Laax we found ourselves on 25th and 31st in the Pro Class. The Trail Trophy Laax was a great event with fun versatile trails. If you have the chance, join one of those two or three days Enduro race events. Highly recommended!

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Next stop will be Nauders for a 2-days double Team race. Stay tuned!