Evolution, Not Revolution: Withstanding the test of time is Kona’s strongpoint. How many other mountain bike manufacturers have stuck with the same proven suspension design for the past 15 years? What began in 1996 as Kona’s Walking Beam 4-Bar Linkage system has undergone vast technical refinements since the design’s inception, but the bikes have always had the same ol’ look, until now. Love it or hate it, the new appearance is minor compared to the advanced ride characteristics found in Kona’s 2012 gravity lineup. Kona has gone new school with a sleek, low-slung, gravity getter that is aimed at charging the steeps and annihilating the bike park. The Entourage isn’t a long-travel adventurer. Heck, it hardly even fits into the freeride category. Kona has positioned the Entourage as a short-travel downhill bike aimed to do one thing well: have a good time.

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