“It wasn’t long before squaring up corners and dropping the back end into compressions became the name of the game as I looked for bonus fun on the trails. Breaking loose proved difficult, with a combination of the conditions and the bike’s ability to track tending to keep it on rails. The suspension set as it was demanded higher speeds and harder hits — add to this the stout frame, especially through the rear, and you’ve got a bike that begins to show its downhill World Cup influence. The frame is not as forgiving as others, but the result is something that inspires confidence if you’re willing to grab the bull by the horns.”

Pinkbike‘s AJ Barlas has just published his First Ride review from our 2017 Operator launch at Retallack, BC. He quickly got up to speed on the new platform and clearly enjoyed his time with us in the damp Kootenay mountains. Read the full article over at Pinkbike.