The Process 134 has been gaining more and more attention in the market, just being named one of MBR Magazine’s best trail bikes for 2020. Pinkbike’s Mike Kazimer had the chance to ride one around his local trails to get a good first look at the bike.

“With a few clicks of compression dialed in on the Super Deluxe Ultimate shock I was able to easily find a setting that worked for both climbing and descending, with no need to reach for the blue lockout lever. That piggyback-equipped shock may not be what you’d expect to find on a shorter travel trail bike, but it’s a good indication of how Kona expect this machine to be ridden. The same goes for the wide tires and big rotors – it may not have a ton of travel, but the 134 is well equipped to meet the needs of riders whose preferred trails are on the rowdier side of the spectrum.”

Check out Mike’s full first look here.