This past weekend the team BTT Valongo / Longusbike went to More Bike Park, in Penela, where they held one more Downhill race, this time being the 2013 National Championships.

Penela presented us a hard and very technical track, requiring a good physical preparation of the athletes. With the sun shining, the will and the spirit were to do better, the team BTT Valongo / Longusbike marked its presence. On Saturday, practice day was held in the best way despite at the end of the day the athletes demonstrate some physical weariness, because the track requirement. On Sunday we previewed a very tough race, exigent and competitive for our athletes (Filipa Peres, João Peres and Tiago Luís), but they were prepared for the challenge.

Filipa Peres had a good performance in the qualifying round, finishing in 1st place with a time of 4:26,744 having as an advantage of 9.373 seconds to the 2nd place. In the final run, more focused on her goal, being faster at the output of gate, unfortunately a few seconds in front the tire popped out of the wheel, that made her lose the possibility of revalidate the title, staying on the 3rd podium spot.

Despite she had the quickest time of the female athletes, made in the qualifying run, the rules say that only the time of the final run defines the national champion so the fastest girl on track has to wait another year to have her jersey back.

João Peres made a good qualifying run with a controlled descent too, and was ranked in 17th position with a time of 3:24.763. In the final run, focused on his objectives he improved his time finishing in 14th in his category place with a time of 3:20.484, in the final classification João Peres stayed in 16th place in what was his objective to “Top 20”. Objective outgrown!

Tiago Luís, made a qualifying run with a controlled descent winning the 21th place in the rank with a time of 3:32.122. In the final run, despite an off track, did a time of 3:34.788, allowing him to rise to 18th place. The Team BTT Valongo / Longusbike is proud with the performance of their athletes and wanting do even better in the coming races.

Thank you to all who support us and the sponsors of this project; LONGUSBIKE, Clube BTT Valongo, Freguesia Valongo, Kona, MaximosPhotography, Nutrimania, Simetrifloor, OFM, SÓ USA, Dom Brasas, Doctor Bike, Aral Técnica, Não+Furos, Mavialbe, FactorEnergia and Extreme-Bikes.

See you again for the last race of the Portuguese Cup at 8th of September in São Brás de Alportel – Algarve.

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