The Team BTT Valongo/ Longusbike started Portugal Cup of 2013 this past weekend in Pampilhosa da Serra, with the presence of many international athletes, despite the weather with some opening where the sun could air his grace, it was too cold and there was a lot of rain and mud but the competition arose and our athletes showed a lot of sportsmanship and desire to win.

It was in Pampilhosa da Serra that Filipa Peres became National Champion in 2012. However with the presence of two big international athletes, Filipa Peres reached the lowest spot in the podium but she gained the first place among Portuguese athletes. She finished the qualifying race in 4th position with the time of 4:35,325 e improved her time in the final race in 3rd position with the time of 4:21,897.

Tiago Luís, made a confident race with some mishaps along the way but confident in his abilities demonstrating what he is able to do best. He finished the race of qualification in 31st with the time of 3:37,589 and he matched is time in the final race, in 38th place with 3:37,329.

João Peres did a good qualifying race, leaving him in a reasonable spot for the final race, what didn’t happen because he had a flat on both tires, what made him go to the bottom of the chart. He ended is qualifying race in 36th spot with the time of 3:41,273 and the final race in 74th with the time of 5:01,472, owing the flat tires.

The team Clube BTT Valongo / LongusBike thanks all the sponsors, cause without whom this project would not be possible ; LONGUSBIKE, Clube BTT Valongo, Freguesia Valongo, Kona Bicycles, MaximosPhotography, Nutrimania by Evo-Nutrition, Simetrifloor, OFM, SÓ USA, Dom Brasas, Doctor Bike, Aral Técnica, Não+Furos and Mavialbe.