International Downhill Gouveia, held this past weekend, another international event where the best athletes in the world were present. This time, there were several professional teams, outpacing the number of Portuguese athletes. The team Btt Valongo Longusbike, was present for the event on Thursday evening, on Friday they made the visualization of the track during the morning, accompanied by some rain. During the afternoon the team made some runs of recognition with bicycles. Saturday was a training day that took place with some reassurance and rain that stopped during the afternoon. Sunday was the race day. The day was an authentic deluge because the rain was constant and serious, occasionally passing a strong hail. The times of the pilots on the final track all got worse since it increased the muddiness, worsening the progression of bikes. Filipa Peres, made a reasonable qualifying run with some loss of time due to an off track but managing she achieved the 3rd place finishing with a time of 4:58,277, 2 more seconds than the 2nd ranked (Carina Cappellari). In the final run relying on her physical and hoping to win the 2nd place on the podium, she risked more but the track was already very degraded, the weather conditions (rain, mud and even hail) resulted in a fall and some off tracks without physical consequences, although she maintained the 3rd position with a time of 5:28,442, being the best Portuguese athlete on track. Tiago Luís, did a good qualifying round, despite not having the essential technical material (mud tires) for the degraded conditions  
of the track. He had an off track and a slight drop but that was enough to put him in 68th position with a time of 4:20,152. In the final run he had the same restriction (tires) and the track had an high degree of degradation, so he achieved the 44th with the time of 4:25,843. João Peres made a controlled qualifying run ending in 76th place with a time of 4:23,814. He was unable to end the final run due to mechanical problems.

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