This past weekend the Downhill Caravan went to Porto de Mós where happen the 2nd stage of the Cup of Portugal.The track of Porto de Mós is known to introduce a circuit with a lot of stone and very hard, either physically and technically. One of the surprises of this race was the sun, since that in this year the riders only competed in muddy conditions. With the sun shining since Friday, the team BTT Valongo / Longusbike marked his presence.

During Saturday, the trainings went well, although in the end of the day the athletes showed a little bit of physical weariness.

On Sunday the team opted by making only one descend on the trainings, expecting a very tough race physically, so the pilots wanted to save their maximum for the moment of truth.

Filipa Peres did a Qualifying race without any problems managing to finish in 1st place with a time of 4:48,936 leaving behind the 2nd contender with 26 seconds of difference. In the final sleeve, more focus in her objectives, being faster and trying not to make any mistakes she conquered the 1st place with the time of 4:36,032, improving 12 seconds.  With an advantage of 16,944 seconds over the 2nd classified, this victory made her lead the Cup of Portugal in Elite female.

Tiago Luis did a controlled qualifying race, achieving the 26th spot with the time of 4:01,281. In the final race, improving in all levels, he took 15 seconds of his original time and reaches the 24th place with the time of 3:46,826, allowing his rise to the 24th place in the overall classification the Cup of Portugal.

João Peres did a controlled qualifying race also, aware that he could improve his time on the final race, ranking 31st position with time of 4: 06.949. In the final race he improved his time in 13 seconds, but still remained in the same position of 31st with a time of 3:53,638.

The Team BTT Valongo/Longusbike leaves Porto de Mós proud of the results and willing to meliorate on the next races.

A big thank you to all who support us and the sponsors of this project; LONGUSBIKE, Clube BTT Valongo, Freguesia Valongo, Kona, MaximosPhotography, Nutrimania, Simetrifloor, OFM, SÓ USA, Dom Brasas,  
Doctor Bike, Aral Técnica, Não+Furos, Mavialbe, FactorEnergia, Extreme-Bikes.

See you again for the second race of Regional Championship of Minho,