The team BTT Valongo / Longusbike participated in another round of the  Portugal Cup Downhill 2013, punctuating for the world ranking. Further north of the country was held this past weekend in the district of Viana do Castelo in Mujães, tracing of Padela is now an ex-libris of the modality, and edition after edition the number of audience and supporters increases along the entire descent … is just creepy.

The race held on May 12, with a great motivation from our athletes, they were confident and with good expectations to achieve their objectives despite of being a proof marked by a descent with much technical and physical requirement for the athletes, but with the truly adrenaline rush of Downhill.

Filipa Peres won the qualifying race with a time of 3:22.656 following for the final run with some improvement over her opponents. In the final run she was improved her time over 3 seconds, finalizing with 3:19.408 remaining in the leadership of the Portugal Cup.

Tiago Luís made a run somewhat below his expectations even then ending the qualifying race in 32nd with a time of 2:50.901. In the final run he improved 1 second of his time that enabled him to rise to 31th place with a time of 2:49.067.

João Peres has made a reasonable qualifying race staying at 36th place with a time of 2:52.522. In the final run a little devolved, he made almost the same time by improving only some thousandths second, for which he obtained the 39th place with a time of 2:52.254.

The team BTT Valongo / Longusbike thanks the sponsors and: LONGUSBIKE, Clube BTT Valongo, Freguesia Valongo, Kona, MaximosPhotography, Nutrimania, Simetrifloor, OFM, SÓ USA, Dom Brasas, Doctor Bike, Aral Técnica, Não+Furos, Mavialbe, FactorEnergia, Extreme-Bikes and MADproductions.

See you again for the third race of Minho Championship at 2nd of June in Arcos de Valdevez – Viana do Castelo.

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