And here we were thinking Bike Magazine’s Mike Ferrentino was the grumpy one. It turns out that long time Bike magazine staff writer and Kona Process lover Vernon Felton actually is. Amidst a bit of grinch inspired Christmas commentary he did manage to find time to ask Santa for a new bike for Christmas though, a 2016 Process 167 to be precise. What Kona bikes are on your wish list?


“This is way more bike than I need, but not more than I want. I like the Process bikes–a whole lot. The 167 takes that same low-slung and long cockpit mated to a short rear end and just twists the ridiculator knob over to 11. It’s basically the old Kona Entourage in Kona Process clothing and since I loved both of those lines, I’m all about this thing. Or I think I am. I keep walking into the local bike shop and looking at it. I need to buy another bike like I need a hole in the head, so I’ve been steering clear, but one of these days curiosity is going to get the better of me. Until then…” Vernon Felton