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Jill DiMauro, owner of Proteus Bicycles in College Park, MD, just donated a Kona Ute to this AWESOME non-profit organization, Moveable Feast. In the past year, Moveable Feast has delivered 624,000 meals to more than 850 clients (people who live in poverty with HIV/AIDS or breast cancer) as well as 26,000 meals to drop-in centers of affiliated organizations. 4,800 volunteers from many diverse civic organizations contributed over 22,000 hours of service, equivalent to over $200,000 in salary. 25,000 passengers were moved in 6,800 trips to their medical and social service appointments.

Go here to find out more about their first event/fundraiser showcasing the Ute. Just so happens to be at the CX My Heart and Superbowl of Single Speed CX Race that Proteus puts on each year. Big ups Jill!