By Ambassador Colt Fetters

Puppy Packing – New industry buzzword, I think so! 

Bringing your dog along on a bikepacking trip is pretty dreamy, however, it’s not altogether easy. We’ve done a good bit of experimenting on which systems work best. Here are some tricks and tips to get you started!

  • Trailer: The Burly Coho XC has performed much better than anything else we’ve attempted. We’ve tried other trailers and even a basket mounted to a rear rack, the Burly was the clear winner for Juniper. We tend to load her up on pavement sections or fast flat dirt roads. When it gets bumpy or uphill, we let her run alongside us if it’s safe. 
  • Sleep system: Juniper sleeps at our feet inside our tent. We have a little packable blanket that she enjoys sleeping on/in. If it’s cold enough, we’ll bring her jacket as well!
  • Food/Water: Obviously it’s necessary to carry dog food and extra water. We bring plenty of snacks to help encourage her into the trailer. 
  • Extras: We make sure to bring a first aid kit that accommodates Juniper’s needs and ailments. Including some vaseline for her pads, tweezers (for cactus spines), and some vet-wrap. 

Not all routes are created equal: Bikepacking trips with Juniper are usually relatively short, about 30ish miles a day and no more than a few days at a time. The route has to be relatively smooth for the trailer to be comfortable enough for June to ride in. 

We’re definitely still learning how to bikepack as a small family, it’s not always simple but it’s worth the extra hassle. If you’re looking for more information on the topic, make sure to check out @Mirra_La_Perra on Instagram. 

All photos shot on 35mm film.