Scott Funston (RAD Racing NW getting the gold in the Junior Men's 15-16 race.  © Brian NelsonRad Racing manager Jim Brown reports: Well Nationals has come and gone. They did a good job of “Keeping Austin Weird”…

We sent 13 riders to Texas, + staff. Day 1 brought our first Podium with Jack Spranger scoring 4th place in the Boys 11/12 race. Filling out the day brought 7th for Joe Spranger in the 9/10 boys, 7th Place for Annie Rosser in the 11/12 Girls, and Gideon Bender notched 11th place in the 13/14 boys from the back of the grid. Trey Trefry and Parker King got caught up in a big crash at the start and their hopes were dashed from the beginning.

And then Came Sunday….And this Happened:image003

We showed up at the park with 7 riders to contest the races and were met by police who told us the event was canceled and we were told to leave. USAC scrambled and the event was rescheduled for the next day, Monday…

Right out of the gate I spent $1500 changing tickets, extending cars and hotels. We had a team meeting and I told the crew to focus on hitting the reset button and do what we can here to do. I had to return home to my “real job”, I was quite conflicted, the Fire Department puts food on the table, so that is what I had to do. The kids were left in very capable hands and I knew they would be fine.

5 Rad Racing Gunlingers lined up for the 15/16 race on Monday at 12:30. When the dust settled we had 4 riders in the top 10 and a new National Champion. Scott Funston 1st, Calder Wood 5th, Layton Meyers 7th, Ben King 8th. Our 5th rider was involved in a crash at the start line which broke the rear triangle of his frame.

We also had to female riders who raced Monday as well. With another USAC mis-step these ladies were forced to ride with the 17/18 boys and they were being pulled based on the leader of the boys race. Rad Rider Ciara MacDonald in the 15/16 category was pulled after 1 lap and awarded 11th place. Cassie Ross in the 17/18’s managed 2 laps and was awarded 12th in her race. The winner of the 15/16 girls race was pulled on lap #2 and didn’t even know that she was the winner.Read about that disaster here.

We are all hoping to walk away from this with some lessons learned. It was still a great trip, we got to see old friends and meet new ones. Thank you to Kona Dealer Ozone Bikes for hosting us and supporting us.