Graham Agassiz and his build crew and have been on Utah soil since Saturday, scoping and building their lines for Red Bull Rampage at the new 2018 zone. This year’s blank canvas has once again leveled the playing field and the new site is providing its own challenges. At twice the vert and with steeper terrain than the most recent venue, the building and planning required for this year’s Rampage are on another level. We pulled Aggy aside during some very rare downtime between digging, eating and sleeping and posed six big questions to him.

You’ve just arrived in Virgin for Rampage 2018. How does it feel to be back?
Being back in the desert here for Rampage I have mixed feelings. I know what I’m capable of doing but I’m having to constantly remind myself to just chill and try to keep it fun.

How is your shoulder feeling?
My shoulder is feeling ok, kind of how I’d expect it to feel after only a month. Day one of digging I went a little hard and still feeling it for sure.

How does the new venue look? Did any lines pop out at you right away as must-hit?
The new venue is really steep compared to the other venues and nearly twice the vert! With only seven days to build and test the line, It’s a massive undertaking. There are twice as many features and that’s twice the workload.

Who is on your dig team this year and why did you choose them?
My dig team this year is Colin Davis and Alex Volokhov. Colin is crusher, works on the trail crew up at Retallack Lodge, and Alex is still recovering from a broken collarbone but was feeling good enough to give us a hand.

What are the next couple of days looking like for you?
The next couple days consist of more sunsets and sunrises out in the desert, working from sun up to sun down. Sunday is a mandatory rest day and Monday practice starts, but not sure how much will be ready for testing by then.

What should your fans expect this year?
My fans shouldn’t expect the normal all or nothing runs I’m usually known for. I’m just out to put a something Fun together.

Photos courtesy of Alex Erickson/Dakine