After three days of digging during the past peak, the Kona guys are ready for action. Aggy‘s badass Kamloops dig crew has been working feverishly on two separate lines in order to ready their rider for both qualifiers, which run today, and finals, which go tomorrow. It gave Aggy the luxury of practicing his line yesterday while they dug and chipped and dragged. Needless to say, Aggy looks really good. He’ll be using his qualifier line from 2010 with added flair and zest today. The line he has planned for tomorrow (if everything goes ok in qualifying), is insane.

Bizet‘s build crew consists of three Kona staffers down here to help out. Mitch and Joonas from the marketing team, and Mathieu and Dave from the team squad have been slaving away the past week. Following Bizet’s nut bar vision, they’ve crafted a new line off of the top and a huge backflip kicker after the Oakley sender. Because Antoine placed 2nd last year he doesn’t have to ride in qualifiers, giving him the luxury of getting his finals line dialed. While he’s been slaving away as well, he did get a chance to hit the new jump a couple of times, back flipping it on his second attempt.

Quietly, Paul Bass has been working and training on his qually line, planning a bag of cool tricks that, if successful, could find him in the finals. And it all comes down to today. Keep your eyes on the Kona guys, we could have three riders in the final.