UK based Canadian ex-pat Marrisa Adams and her father “Guido” have embarked on a number of cycle tour missions over the last five years on board their Kona Sutra’s. Right now though they are on trip number five and have enlisted an additional participant in Marrisa’s partner Mark as they travel through Italy’s back roads looking for hidden gastronomic delights. Out-running packs of wild dogs as well as taking in the history and culture of the regions they visit also rank pretty high on the agenda too. 

sutra-02All three have chosen Kona’s Sutra touring bike as the steed of choice and like the three riders, the bikes also span a generational gap, Guido is on board a 2009, Marrissa a 2012 and Mark, being late to the party, is rocking a nice new 2015 model.

sutra-03Marissa is blogging regularly from the road, both about the riding and of course the food, but she is also posting up links to all the places they eat (and even where good places to wash you clothes can be found!) should you wish to follow in their tire marks. You can of course choose to follow Marrisa, Guido and Mark’s adventures over here on their blog away from stray German Sheppards!