Portland, Oregon is known for two things. It’s one of the most cycling friendly cities in the US and it has the largest amount of adult dance clubs per capita in North America. Everyone on the RV could relate to both. When it came to the cycling side of the equation, the one day we spent in Portland was dominated by super urban shredder, Wayne Goss. The kid from Smithers, BC sure can ride the street.

The next day we were off to get some shots in Hood River as well as a little something something with a TV show you may have heard about… Good Morning America. They wanted to showcase what riding in Hood River was all about and used our cadre of Clump riders to do it. Smooth singletrack at high speeds and some beauty sunshine, good morning yes indeed.

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We just arrived in Dallas, OR. I’t about 45 mins away from the mountain bike mecca of Black Rock. A few of the team headed there to set up some cable cams and the boys are going to work out their lines. You will all be able to see all of the hard work from everybody involved here in Black Rock in NWD 10. Cable cams after cable cams, the boys from Freeride, the riders and some of the local talent put their best foot forward and ended up with some great shots.

Tune in in a few days to see the last days efforts at Black rock and the big finale; HELL BARGE.