And they’re off. With Crankworx wrapped up and a little money in a few of the Clumps pockets, it was time for the annual Clump trip. This year it is bigger, better with a big punch at the end. The boys are stoked and this time it will be down the coast in a magnificent RV riding in style. With stops all the way from Whistler to San Francisco, you’ll be sure to bump into them if you’re in the neighborhood.

The whole crew left Whistler on Monday morning and made it across the border to wake up to a day riding in Whatcom county and a small stop at Kona HQ followed by an evening with Bellinghams finest.
The crew I keep talking about is Paul Bass, Andreu and his brother Lluis Lacondeguy, Wayne Goss and Robbie Bourdon. On top of the ragtag crew are the boys from Freeride and some folks from H5 productions keeping the trip tight.

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Day 1 in the backyard of Kona, the boys dialed in some sweet shots for the new NWD movie “Dust’n’Bones” and some beauty images from Gibtron 3000. Day 2 was a little different with a demo and photo/film shoot at Collonade Bike Park right underneath the I5 in downtown Seattle. Dave Goto of Redbull killed it and the result was a pretty good turn out with the boys signing posters and shredding the park followed by a night out high fiveing people and showing off the Redbull Rampage.
People were stoked to have the riders there and seeing the progression of mountain biking in the ultimate arena. The Redbull Rampage.

Up early tomorrow to go to Portland for another premiere and to soak up some of Portland best scenery. Wink Wink. Nudge Nudge. Keep checking back to see the the Kona Clump in action and the next stop on the Stumps Clump and Jumps tour.