By Ambassador Josie McFall.

Now the world is returning back to some normality, we begin to set up trackside and get back between the tapes.

The first weekend of September saw rider’s social distance themselves at the newly revamped Redhill extreme bike park (Newham) for Redfest, a three day affair of time trial, dual slalom and British 4x.

Friday afternoon the fastest riders from BMX/4X/Downhill/freestyle where invited down to battle in a two run time trial event to name King/Queen of the hill. I managed to secure my self a 2nd place in the women’s event sitting behind Ex 4X world champion and World cup downhill racer Katy Curd. In the men’s Scott Beaumont took the win, with Connor Hudson closely following in 2nd.

Saturday saw more riders take to the hill to practise on the four cross track in preparation for Sundays race. So to break the day up and add some fun Chris Roberts from Action sports timing set up a 4-corner grass dual slalom. No gate starts over here though, with an old school le mans start to keep it a level playing field for everyone.  With 34 men entering, 9 women and 13 in the rippers category it was sure going to be a great laugh. Being from a BMX background flat grass corners are not my strong point, but I put the flat pedals on and gave It my best finishing 2nd in quali, getting myself to the final. And just loosing out to Natasha Bradley, who took the women’s win.  In the men’s Scott Beaumont took 2 for 2 taking the win in the men’s dual. Rad little Billy Pugh took the rippers win. The day ended with a brilliant golden hour riding the flow line in the sunset.

Now its time for the big show, round 1 of the British 4X series. Sunday morning registration saw us with enough women to split giving the vets ladies their own category which saw Manda Hempstock taking the win but not without Julie Morrissey giving her a run for her money.

With a solid 9 riders in the women’s category, I went 1-1-1 in qualification being the only women jumping the pro straight in my motos. Ex GB BMX squad Libby smith being the other girl sending it, we managed to avoid each other in qualification and only lined up on the gate together in the final. I had first pick taking lane 1, Libby choosing lane 4. She had the snap and worked her way over to the inside, which resulted in me dropping a foot and showing her what an inside line was and I took the lead out of the corner and into the 2nd corner, I could spy her creeping underneath again but not quite close enough to make a move. I managed to keep my momentum and get through the pro line and down to the finish line to take the win, where as Libby had to anchor on giving Hannah Esscott a chance to slip into 2nd and they battled to the finish line where Libby piped Hannah for 2nd.

Scott Beaumont was looking good for the win with 1-1-1 in motos, however snapping the chain out of the gate and not making it into the main, put the eyes on last year’s series winner Connor Hudson to take the win. but it wasn’t easy for him with Kingsley Mears, Zach Hudson and Dec Willicombe all making the main.

And that’s a wrap on Redfest, what an action packed event that was. Big thank you to Kona bikes for the support, huge well done to Redhill extreme and British 4x for hosting a great event and Charles Robertson for the photos.

 Keep tuned for a bike check on my 4X bike that took me to the win and my golden Shonky.