Photo: Cam McRae/NSMB

How do you follow up life as a pro athlete? When your first act is so sweet the idea of a 9 to 5 is pretty tough to swallow. It appears that Joe Schwartz has it figured out.

You don’t know Joe Schwartz? Let me get you up to speed. Joe competed in Red Bull Rampage three times (and judged last year), rode in NWD 1-5, as well as Drop In and on Ride Guide and he’s still seen on magazine covers worldwide. Joe is legit.

Joe and I did this interview last year and then it got hung up. Fortunately what we talked about still applies. Joe has become a big city boy after being born and raised in Nelson B.C. Having him in town was a great excuse to get out for a ride and take some photos. Last year at this time we couldn’t get up high on the mountain so we did some low elevation laps. This year all the trails are wide open and the winter riding has been epic.

What can Joe teach you? He’s carved out a life that involves getting paid to ride and ski for most of the year. He’s a guide for Big Mountain Adventures as well as a coach at Summer Gravity Camps in Whistler and at his own camp in Calgary in the summer. Come winter he’s leading paying customers at heli and cat ski operations around B.C. – but not this winter. He’s paying some dues and doing some learning – as you’ll see.

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