He’s been riding Kona for over a decade. From the first New World Disorder to the fresh new ride of today.

My Cadabra
I have been looking forward to getting back on a Cadabra ever since I tested an early run model of the G2 Magic Link in Switzerland and Iceland last year. I got to ride some pretty amazing terrain over there, but I truly feel the best place to take any bike through its paces is the North Shore of Vancouver. The demanding climbs and aggressive downhills of the Shore quickly expose any inadequacies of an “all-mountain” bicycle. I am in the middle of studying for my final exams of my first year of business school, and probably should be holed up in a library somewhere cramming. Beautiful spring weather and a shiny new Cadabra staring me in the face was all it took to convince me to shelve the textbooks and rip some prime Sea to Sky singletrack. I don’t like my bikes to stay new for too long, so I did my darndest to inflict some damage to the Cadabra over the course of a few days on the Shore and an epic day in Squamish. I am so happy with the new bike. The light Scandium frame makes for an agile ascender, while the plush Magic Link delivers the goods on the way down. The POV video was shot on one of my rides on the Shore. It is cool to see how the link engages on the short, steep climbs, all but eliminating pedal feedback. Then, on the way down the Link is supple and active. I am pretty pumped on the potential of the Go-Pro camera too, so look for more videos of my summer adventures.

Kona Magic Link in Action from Joe Schwartz on Vimeo.