joe_distAfter putting my CoilAir through its paces last year in the Alps, riding 300,000 vertical feet in 33 days, I came to the conclusion that Switzerland is a great place to test bikes. The combination of epic downhills, all day adventure rides, and generally unforgiving alpine terrain demands everything from a bicycle, and really allows the rider to see and feel the strengths or weaknesses within the bike.

I picked up a brand new Abra Cadabra from the Kona Europe offices in Geneva a couple weeks ago, and was really excited to check out this sweet addition to the Kona lineup, on some of my favorite trails in the Swiss Alps. First off I was pretty blown away by the look of the bike. The linkage is tight and compact, with clean lines and a swanky polished frame to match. I almost hesitated at getting the bike dirty, it looked so good. That thought quickly passed as the urge to dice up some Swiss singletrack overtook me.

The bike, as with any Magic Link bike, surprised me at how supple it felt on the downhill. The Magic Link provides the extra travel that makes the bike dance down the mountain. Square-edge hits were soaked up with ease, and smaller stutters were taken care of by the initial travel. There was no flex in the frame at all, thanks to the new, compact linkage and Generation 2 Magic Link design.

With the Magic Link properly set up I noticed no bob while climbing, even on short, out of the seat technical grunts. The super light Scandium frame and magnesium linkage definitely adds to the bike’s climbing prowess. The weight of the bike (sub 30 pounds) also made it fun on the more traversing singletrack, as it rolls ridiculously quick and is so maneuverable in the tight stuff.

I am really pleased with the Abra Cadabra, and cannot wait to explore its potential further. I am taking this bike with me to Iceland next week for a photo shoot, so check back for some travel stories, photos, video and more insights into this sweet bike.

To check out the new Cadabra and Abra Cadabra, go here