After seeing the CX World Champs course recon video I am sure the burning question on y’alls mind is “How did I get to the worlds course?” Well here is a hint. It involved Fayetteville’s extensive bike path system, my trusty Kona Dew-E DL and some creativity/McGiver’ing…

After putting out the first Ride 2 Ride video I was keen to try out this method simply because it is more convenient. I always have my rack on the back of my Dew and I don’t need to haul around the cumbersome B.O.B. trailer and it impacts the ride of the ebike way less (less weight again).

It ended up working perfectly. I did two trips back and forth to the worlds track as well as some other bike transportations back and forth between the team camp house and where I was staying.

I killed two birds with one stone on this trip. Testing out this transport idea and I got to check out the worlds 2022 course. It is a totally different course than any CX course I have ridden before. The features, cut trail through the woods, banked corners, and workman ship make this course just super fun to ride. 

All in all I plan on using this method moving forward to get to and from trail heads, minimize the impact of commuting on my overall ride, and simply turn some heads. As the world spirals into the dark depths of irreversible  climate change, driving less is a small step we can take to minimize our own individual carbon foot print. Of course big policy change is our only hope of really tackling this issue but doing silly things like this will certainly keep the conversation going and that is a good place to start.