Peran Clemence
Date of Birth: 19th May 1993
Age: 16
Hometown: Camborne, Cornwall, UK
Favourite Athletes: Grant CHOPPER Fielder, Cam McCaul the Samson and Lacondeguy brothers.
Favourite Place to Ride: THE TRACK and THE FAMOUS
Best Trick: Superman Seat Grab 
Top 3 Bands: Santogold, Offspring and Rob Zombie
Best MTB Movie: NWD’s – all of them
Favourite Food: Mum’s, Lasagne / KFC
Your Goals / Ambitions: Join the KONA CLUMP team / Work in bike R&D

I started riding about 4 years ago, riding with my older brother Jake and my cousin Jason. They were into free-riding going big wherever they could and dragging me along with them. After a while we started going to THE TRACK and I just lapped up everything I could, working my way up to riding everything there. I then brought my first DVD, ROAM and the dirt jump sections really opened my eyes to what could be done, that was it for me.

I have entered various competitions over the last few years mostly local stuff, I started to do well, coming first in a few. I was really pleased with this as at the time I was only 14 and had won in the open classes against adult riders. I then started to enter various competitions around the UK, concentrating mainly on the KING of DIRT National rounds. I moved into the ELITE class when I was 15, it was very intimidating riding against all the riders you see in the magazines. Last year I did my first full year in the ELITE and at 16 it’s still intimidating riding against people like Grant CHOPPER Fielder and the Samson Brothers, but by the final round I placed in the top 5, so was really pleased.

I have always had KONA bikes, starting off with a STUFF 24, an amazing bike for anyone young starting out. So I could not believe it when KONA offered me sponsorship initially at the grassroots level helping me out with bikes and equipment. Since then Ben and Rebecca from PALIGAP (KONA UK) introduced me to Chopper, who has been a real inspiration to my riding, especially with regard to comps. I could not have had a better bike sponsor than KONA they have helped me at every step, supplying me with the best bikes and advice throughout.