MLandry_RFG_Enduro-141005-04264From RFG: Kona’s rebuilding of their mountain bike repertoire is no secret; they’ve been doing it in a big way since 2011. After 14 years we saw the death of the Stinky, a bike made famous by its affordability and silly name. In its place stood the Operator as Kona’s flagship gravity bike. A year later, the Entourage was added and was advertised as Kona’s first “Do It All” bike. Major bike reviewers around the world acclaimed the Entourage and it was clear that Kona’s mountain bikes were back on track. The Process lineup was introduced in 2013 as an apparent replacement for the Coilair. Still a 6” bike, it was apparent that Kona was using lessons learned from the Entourage and Operator on the Process. The new Process featured radically redesigned geometry, but still utilized the Walking Beam 4-bar linkage design that Kona had used for many years previous. Not to be accused of resting on their haunches, in 2014 Kona released a new suspension design exclusively for the Process line. A new, low-slung, heavily shaped rear swing arm was introduced. Utilizing a U-shaped yoke to activate the now top-tube mounted shock was something drastically different than anything seen from Kona in the past. This new Rocker Independant Suspension system catapulted the Process into the limelight as one of the bikes you need to look at if you’re in the market for a “Do It All” bike—just in time for the growth of the enduro market. Read more