The goal of the Characters series is to meet amazing people, have adventures, and explore what mountain biking means. This trip was a model for our beliefs. We encountered everything we could’ve wanted: escapades, camaraderie, and discovery. Our trip was segmented into four different conduits: Whitehorse with Boreale Biking, Carcross, Dawson City, and north on the Dempster Highway. Each stage of the trip offered distinctive personas, but the primary summary was this: The Yukon is a place every mountain biker needs to visit. I highly encourage you to take the trek north to visit a part of Canada that almost feels like another nation entirely. A territory of the longest, freshest trails imaginable. A place where people have no attitude, are open to you, are happy to be themselves. Where history is not just in the past, you can look back with your own eyes. The Yukon, the domicile of ‘El Dorado,’ that lost city paved with streets of gold, where gold nuggets almost jump into your pocket themselves. The Klondike Gold Rush represents one of the most bizarre mass excursions of human hope and endurance ever seen. Us mountain bikers have the unique opportunity to retrace those optimistic stampeder’s footsteps, to ride the trails they carved out of the raw land, but on knobby tires. I hope the photos and words from our quest entice you to explore the Yukon.

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