“On the way back down that very trail, we literally almost forgot it was an e-bike. The sub-40-pound weight was definitely a value-added feature in the handling department.”

Road Bike Action’s August issue recently hit the newsstands and with it this solid review of our 2021 Libre EL.

“Throughout all our test rides, probably the most glaring and consistent observation riders made was how balanced the Kona’s handling felt.”

You can check out the 2022 Libre EL here and you can read RBA’s full review here as a PDF



The Libre EL has made itself known as a go-to adventure bike for people of all abilities. Looking to up your distance? Want a tool that allows you to ride farther in less time? The Libre EL is a versatile machine that has the legs to go just about anywhere. Built on our wildly popular Libre platform, the Libre EL features an aluminum frame and Verso Full Carbon Flat Mount Disc fork. Like its CR DL sibling, it runs a gravel-specific drivetrain and brakes, ensuring the grime that you’ll inevitably get from a mucky ride doesn’t affect shifting and braking performance. Unlike its analog sibling it gets a power boost from a Shimano motor and internal battery. In other words, it’ll get you to the top of that insanely steep mountain you’ve been eyeing up, and let you enjoy the benefits of rippin’ gravel on the way down!