Kona’s Paddy Wagon has been around for a while and I reckon the current version is the best looking one yet with its beautifully understated paint job. Ever since it came out (in 2004 if I remember correctly), I’ve wanted to get my hands one.

Why? Because in my opinion the Paddy Wagon is one of the few sensible off-the-peg singlespeed/fixed bike packages you can get: 42 x 16 gearing (that’s 70.1″ on 28s) that’ll get you up hills even if you’re not endowed with Cancellara-like thighs, and clearance for 28mm tyres and mudguards. Like.

It’s not just sensible, it’s also pretty dependable. It’s made from steel, and although you won’t be very impressed by its weight when you pick it up, you will be by the ride quality that Kona cromoly butted provides. Super-strong wheels, Kona own brand hubs laced to TunnelTop rims, have withstood everything I’ve thrown at them. The bike tracks beautifully, you can really chuck it around corners. If you’re running it fixed, be careful of pedal strike, it’s so happy cornering that even its high bottom bracket won’t necessarily keep you out of trouble.

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