Robbie dropped by today. He’s back from the Red Bull Rampage and recovering from the crash he had on his final run when he didn’t quite make it around all the way on his flat spin 540. He placed well and killed the contest, riding old school original super tech lines, insanely gnarly sections, drops and chasm gaps instead of the more popular slopestyle course elements elsewhere on the hill.

He left for Rampage early to help build the course and soon after leaving had three bikes stolen. He’s been tracking down and collecting his old Kona Clump team bikes and had assembled an archive with a bike and his signature poster for each year he rode on the Kona Clump Team. Now there’s a big hole in that collection, His 2003 jump bike, a hand painted camo Kona Chute.

Here is a photo of a Clump Team Stinky from 2003, the closest thing I have to Robbie’s hardtail, same wheels too. Please keep an eye out for this one. You can’t miss the hand painted camo and the ROBBIE BOURDON name stickers are likely still on both sides of the top tube near the seat tube. Email Kona with any tips. Thanks