We’re going to let Clayton Racicot’s footage of the race do the talking, but a couple things to talk about in this one. The Open Vet class keeps growing, and the racing is getting tighter while the 4x Lites class, Pro class, and Vet Pro class all came together in this week’s mash-up that saw 4x Lites contenders Jordan Timmer, RD Watters and Bart Brown go toe-to-toe with Pros Harold Woolnough and Cam Murphy, and Long time 4x die-hards Brian Onofrichuk , Dustin Homeniuk and Adam Muys.

Oh yeah, and the pro line sets getting rocked already. The race-heads in the grandstands approve.

Hope you got a fresh cup of coffee, because there are over 200 new photos in the GALLERY!

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