The Indoor 4x series wrapped up late Tuesday night, bringing together riders from all over the lower mainland to bang berms, bang off some sweet jumps and hang out with new friends made over a great Winter of racing.

Tuesday, February 15th 2010 – The final race of the indoor series brought on a flurry of responses from everyone racing, organizing or spectating in the events. It looked as though the 1st place spots had been just about locked up, but the separation between 2nd and 5th was anyone’s race as Open Men, Junior Men, Open Women, Vet Open Men and even U15 all had guys and girls gritting their teeth to see the outcome. Some were talking about getting stoked for riding outside after work in the Spring and looking forward to a great Summer, while others talked about how quick it seemed the Winter series went by. Other thoughts were towards the future of the series and the plans of the organizers for 2011. Suggestions were flying in hopes to mix it up for 2012, while volunteers also came forward to offer help to make 2012 a success. No matter which way it goes, the current organizers will be around to help out, train the new crew, and hopefully bump elbows with a few of you 4x heads in the gate for 2012.

What was loosely mentioned on Tuesday night, but needs to be enforced here, is that the success of this series is based on so many things from great sponsors digging deep, to a smooth run race that entertains everyone. But most importantly is the other side of the equation. A well run race with great sponsors and efficient organizing means nothing without the consistent committed support coming from You, The Racers throwing down their entry and practice fees every night. You guys are what made this series so successful and for that we all thank you very much. You rock. You know it.

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