muddy whipRomain reports: Last weekend the 3rd round of the French Cup happened in Les Carroz.

Currently running as LEADER of the French Cup, it was important this weekend for me to score points and to stay on the podium in order to have a shot at the overall win.

So here we go, race time…the track had been specifically cut for the FRENCH CUP and so was totally fresh. The upper part was steep and full-on in the woods, and finished really fast at the bottom with big turns on the ski pistes.

Multiple laps by the 350 racers bedded in the track nicely throughout the weekend. But with no two runs the same, the settings and positions on the bikes were super important. Thanks to Julien PICCOLO X1 RACING technician for his help in getting the CANE CREEK running just right.

In qualifying on Friday I had a fall but managed to go really fluid for the rest of it, bagging second fastest qualifying time with that run. So I was happy that all I needed to do in the final was stay on the bike!

In the final I had locked in a firm stay-on-the-bike mindset. I was really fast on the sticky, muddy and hard-to-ride upper section, so was full of confidence, but I smacked a little tree further down which sent me off the bike. Luckily I was able to get back on pretty fast and went hell-for-leather to the bottom, finishing in third place overall. Very happy to stayon the podium despite a fall! And I’m still LEADING the French Cup.

Last round in Oz en Oisans the weekend of 16 and 17 August.