Round 5 of the XC NPS was held in Slade valley in Dublin on Sunday the 9th June and was hosted by the local club IMBRC. We travelled to Dublin on Saturday afternoon in the blazing sun, the weather had been hot and sunny all week so race conditions were going to be very dry. I was looking forward to being on a dry track for a change.

On Sunday morning we got to the track early and did a practice lap with some of the other riders. The track was dry and quite dusty. There was allot of single track with a couple of sharp turns which kept me on my toes. There was a section which had a long steep climb to the top of the mountain which I was not looking forward to but the kona carbon fiber made the task easier with it being so light and fast, the breeze at the top of the mountain was very welcome.

After the pre-ride of the course I got my race number (142) had something to eat and relaxed a while. I warmed up and got ready for the race and took our starting positions.

The count down from ten seemed to take ages as we waited to take off. We took off up the fire road to a section of single track climbing up hill through the woods and on to the fire road again with the long hot climb to the top of the mountain. Glad to the have the climb over I continued down hill on the single track which had some jumps and sharp turns but nothing too technical. In my category (under 16) I had 2 laps of the course to do. I came 8th in my category. Thanks to Garry and team from MBW bike shop for keeping the bike in tip top condition.