The Downhill track Val di Sole, Italy is always popular with the riders, but after seeing photos emerge showing just how brutal of a condition it’s in, it’s becoming hard to see why. After only a day of practice, the track has already taken down a few riders, luckily both Josh and Connor fit firmly in the category of riders who love this extremely steep and unrelenting beast. Battling the dappled light and dust is proving to be the biggest challenge for the two, but bear in mind, these guys come from a continent known for its fair share of floating dirt. Plus this is Europe. In the hills of Europe, rain and thunder can come at any time and a quick look at the forecast for Sunday indeed shows just that, isolated thunderstorms and rain. Let us just hope they go and isolate themselves somewhere else!wch_valdisole_practice1-7056wch_valdisole_practice1-0354wch_valdisole_trackwalk-5998