Dear Bike,

During the month of September I was feeling a little down. I was looking for a single speed but nothing out there seemed to be what I wanted. Every shop had a track bike, but I didn’t want the kind of fixie that has become so popular recently. I had almost given up hope of finding true love.

Then I saw you, a Kona Paddy Wagon. You were somewhere between a track bike and a touring bike, absolutely perfect for my needs. I loved the standard drops and aero levers. I loved the way that you have braze-ons where trendier bikes wouldn’t. I loved the black color scheme with silver decals. Very understated and classy. Most of all, I loved how well you fit me and the way you rode.

After several months and 1,000 miles of commuting and fun trips I’m still smitten. Will you be my Valentine?

– Ryan Groat

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