Official ’Cross Weather Here at Last! It was, as Barry Wicks (Kona) put it, “Finally, a real cyclocross course.” The early morning races presented the challenge of slick off-camber corners and frozen ruts. The bikes of the Junior racers and the lower category men and women bounced and slid through the tricky downhill sections of the course. The following uphills were so slick in places that applying too much power to the pedals resulted in the rear wheel spinning out and a complete loss of traction. USGP stop # 2, New Belgium Cup in Fort Collins had big crowds and did not disappoint.

Even though the temperatures remained a bit below seasonal, the sun warmed the course enough to soften the ruts and produce some incredibly “interesting” greasy corners on the tricky descent after the start. The climb to the first pit and following flyover changed from icy to energy-sapping mud. By the time riders reached the double barrier section on the last half of the lap, their bikes had gained at least a pound.

This was a course that put a premium on bike handling skills and smooth, judicious application of power. The winners in both the women’s and men’s fields were the riders who could do both. After a hard fought battle with Geoff Kabush and Jaimie Driscoll, Ryan Trebon put the hammer down in the end to take 3rd expaining it was his fitness and not the skills that helped out today.