The action was fast and heavy at this year’s Cross Vegas race. Unlike last year where a break away pack maintained their lead for a relatively uneventful finish, this year’s race saw Kona Factory Cyclocross Team rider Ryan Trebon leading several laps, followed by James Driscoll doing the same up to the final lap where the pack chased to finally reel him back in.

We counted the gaps Driscoll had each lap with Trebon chasing, the first one was 20 seconds, the next 14, then 15 and for the final lap when the heat was on it was only 7, with half a lap to go. It was game on. The pace picked up to see the fastest of the pack catch Driscoll just before a sprint to the finish line.

Trebon put in an amazing effort, but was overcome near the line. The race was won by French champion Francis Mourey, followed by James Driscoll, Gerben De Knegt and Ryan Trebon in 4th. Barry Wicks worked hard in the tough, international field and came in 25th. Good job boys.

Thanks to Peter Butt for the photos and our mates from Speedway Cycles, Anchorage AK for making us the loudest cheering section at the whole show.

The sprint finish

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