Do you ever have a week that feels like every day is Monday? We get it. We really do—especially this year. That’s why we decided to take a school night bikepacking trip with our buddy, Clayton, from WTB. We gathered some friends and their Konas (a Sutra ULTD, Libre DL, Proess 153 CR DL, Process 134 CR, and a Unit) and headed out to one of our local Bellingham, Washington hills. We found the full moon, had a glorious campfire, and enjoyed some local craft beer. We woke up to a wild windstorm that kept our hammocks swinging and trees swaying. Bikepacking doesn’t need to be a big to-do. It’s as simple as gathering your friends, tossing a few essentials in a backpack or affixing them to your bike, and going out for a short ride. Our total lap was about 6 miles, but it was an entire night of fun and totally worth it!