Sea Otter is a classic event with lots of bikes and hot racing on tap. The Kona Team made the journey down this year, with Barry, Kris, Spencer and Cory racing the XC events, and Connor Fearon showing off his new Process bike in the DH and Dual Slalom.

The weekend Kicked of with the STXC, on a new, spectator friendly course. The XC boys rode hard, and looked good in their shiny new kit, rolling through for top 20 finishes all around.

Saturday brought on the XC, with the most stacked field in recenmt memory, including many former World Champs, the current Olympic champ, and many nations worth of National Champions. Barry Wicks had a killer ride, making the elite front group on his 21lb Hei Hei 29 supreme, and holding off a massive chase in a solo effort to finish 8th. Spencer had a heart breaking ride, sitting in the top 12 with 20 minutes left, a nail took him and his rear tire out of contention.

Saturday afternoon brought on the unofficiol official dual slalom world champs. Connor rode awesome in his first ever dual event, qualifying 25th before narrowly being eliminated in the first round.

Saturday evening, the 2nd annual Sea Otter Cyclocross race took place, and Spencer was seeking revenge. He slapped some CX tires on his Red Zone, because, why not? and rode to a solid 6th place finish.

On the final day at the Otter, is was all about the DH. With a buff, manicured course, the order of the day was short travel trail bikes, and Connor did his Process proud, finishing only 6 seconds off the podium, and getting super rad all the time.

Way to go guys!