A short while ago I was fortunate to find a real treat. I drove my truck down the Coquihalla Highway and found spring just a few hours away from the fog and frigid landscapes that I’ve been feeling too familiar with lately. A cast of the classiest gentlemen I know made time for me amidst their busy winter work schedules and shared with me their greatest singletrack goodies. And while we pedaled in our T-shirts and squinted at the sunshine, I learned a short list of things along the way too…

1. Tyler Maine is friends with every single mountain biker on earth.
2. The trail riding on the coast of British Columbia is next level.
3. Those trails and the people who ride them are the reason why bikes are becoming so bad ass.
4. Single ring drivetrains aren’t a fad – they’re a lifestyle.
5. That lifestyle is celebrated wildly amongst Squamish residents, and is herein referred to as “squamfit.”

6. I like to think I am pretty fit, but I am certainly not squamfit.
7. If I spend the next 6 months punishing myself daily I probably still won’t be squamfit.
8. 29ers aren’t weird… they’re just really fast!
9. 27.5” wheels are rad and actually make a lot of sense for a guy like me.
10. Trevor Porter is 20 years older than me and he can still crush me like a fly.

11. Trevor Porter is more bad-ass than most people are ever going to know.
12. The Shore is a lot less scary under the cover of darkness.
13. You can actually ride really fast on the Shore, you just have to follow Stephen Mathews.
14. North Shore trails have more traction when they are wet.
15. Tyler Maine is friends with every single mountain biker on earth.

I guess I sort of spoiled myself on that road trip. I was having a great time shredding studded tire DH laps and sending it in the pow all winter long, but now I am craving sticky dirt again. Hopefully spring comes soon!