It’s that time of year… The snow is beginning to melt. The days are getting longer. The bulbs are starting to poke out of the ground. That’s right! Spring is less than a month away and that means BIKE SEASON IS NEAR! Have you been wavering on getting a new bike? Now is the time to sell your old steed and upgrade to something new! Let us help you with that second task. We’re clearing out some of our 2018 bikes on the KRO and we’d love to see you on a new Kona!

We’ve got a big selection of bikes on sale and you can save up to $1,100 by purchasing from the KRO and having the bike delivered to your local dealer. Please note, not all sizes are available.

What’s on sale? Click the links below to see sale prices on the following bikes!

Process 153 AL 29 // sale price: $3,399

Process 153 CR 27.5 // sale price: $5,099

Hei Hei AL DL // sale price: $3,399

Hei Hei Trail CR // sale price: $4,799

Hula // sale price: $449

Makena // sale price: $425

Big Kahuna // sale price: $1,449

Rove LTD // sale price: $4,249

Rove NRB DL // sale price: $2,299

Wheelhouse // sale price: $2,125

All kids bikes and bikes over $1000 are eligible for free shipping with this promotion, so head to the KRO now and order up your new Kona!