DSC0153_RedactedRecently we got a phone call from our friends to the North, Kona Bicycle Company. They had this frame they were developing and wanted to send it to us and see what we thought. They’re working an all new ████████ bike and experimenting with ████ ███ █████████ among other features. We’re talking hot off the fabrication table prototype testing.

You see, Sellwood Cycle Repair has a pretty unique relationship with Kona. In addition to championing them as a brand in our shop, we’re able to attend their annual launch event, shred their sweet demo bikes before they go to market, and drink more than a couple beers with their crew every so often. But the really fun perk is being able to help them develop new bikes and technology way before it ever hits the streets.

So Kona calls us up and lets us know they have a pre-production ███████████ frame on the way. When it arrived you’d think it was Christmas in the shop, but we all had to share the same present. Everyone gathered around for the unpacking. Probably the first thing we noticed was the ████ ████████ and the addition of ██████ █ ████████████ . A little closer inspection revealed ████████████████████████████████ which was definitely ████████████████ and interesting to think about how ████████ would play out.

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