Two Portland bike shops converged for a weekend of riding and fun, here is their story.

Why on earth?
We’re two shops, bred from the same stock. We occupy similar places in the world, but happen to be just far enough apart that we don’t see each other all that often. We’re both Kona dealers, which means we’re also stoked on riding. So, back in August, Erik (Sellwood) and Mitchell (Dirty Fingers) came up with the plan. They were sure the plan was an instant classic, and we all blindly followed them.

We spent all day Saturday getting ready for our friends from Dirty Fingers to show up. We tapped the keg, cut the sleeves off our shirts, and put Judas Priest on the speakers; we were set to impress. Right on schedule they showed up en masse and started drinking all of the beer in sight. Some games of foosball were had, and high fives were exchanged. Some of us bailed out to get a good night of rest, while others stayed up all night in pursuit of good times. Success was imminent.

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