By many accounts this past weekend’s BC Cyclocross Provincials in Squamish was the most gruelling, cold, and saturated race in a long time. With temperatures hovering just above freezing and the snow line in sight, racers layered up with double arm warmers and socks, and the game was on. Last year being my first year racing ‘cross in the Intermediate category, Provincials was my first taste of racing with BC’s Elite cyclocross racers and I came up outside the top 20. This year I had been racing with these guys all season, and came into Provincials much better prepared.

For the majority of the race I was riding in the top six, keeping the front of the group in sight and feeling like a top 5 finish might be a possibility. Those hopes were dashed when a rut hidden under a huge puddle took me out in two consecutive laps, sending me sliding across the mud and torquing my stem so my cockpit was misaligned for the last couple of laps. A classic ‘cross race scenario in classic ‘cross race conditions.

Despite eating mud, I was able to hold on to the front group’s pace and not blow up completely in the last couple of laps. I ended up placing 8th in Elite which I’m super stoked on! Quite the change in one year’s time, and looking forward to what next season entails. Thanks for the good times friends, racers, volunteers, and all who put on these great races!

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